Master Theta Healer and Relationship Expert Karen Abrams offers Theta Healing through One on One and Couples Sessions as well as Programs to help you address root issues that keep you physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthy.

One on One and Couples Sessions are customized to your specific needs, to help you resolve any issue or circumstance that has held you back in your life. Karen compassionately connects with you in a fluid process, discovering the root of the issues you are struggling with so you can finally and permanently break free from them!!

Programs are group events built around specific subject matter that harness the power of group healing. Whether you participate live or through a recording, you’ll receive benefits such as greater ease in moving forward in your life, expanded optimism, a better relationship with yourself and others, abundant finances, releasing stress, improved health and more.

Programs are convenient and affordable. Download one of the free offerings or purchase one tailored to a specific issue. You can listen over and over allowing the benefits of Theta to deepen over time. Programs are a great solution for lifelong themes as recordings are always included and you will gain more understanding with each listening.