Katherine Woodward Thomas Head ShotWorking with Karen Abrams is an extraordinary experience. She will meet and tend to you in a way that is rare and deeply helpful. Her insights and interventions get to the heart of the matter, and help one to release whatever is in the way of living and loving fully on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level. After just one session with her, you will feel happier, freer and lighter, as well as filled with the strength, power and purpose you will need to realize your goals. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

—Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling & Calling in “The One”

Debra Poneman Head ShotAs a telesummit host I’ve interviewed over 200 respected authors, speakers and energy workers. When I interviewed Karen she lead a group healing for my listeners. The amazing light and peace I experienced during that healing lead me to request a one-on-one session with her. From that session, the specific issues I was dealing with went from seemingly insurmountable to easily manageable. Basically, the “charge” was eliminated. I was also blown away by Karen’s intuitive insights and spot-on advice based on those insights. I’ve had several sessions since then and each has profoundly moved my life ahead. I would recommend Karen’s work to anyone who has any issues: physical, emotional, financial… She is truly a gifted healer.

—Debra Halperin Poneman, Telesummit host and Founder/CEO, Yes to Success, Inc.

Hope Fitzgerald HeadshotKaren Abrams is an expert practitioner who brilliantly finesses a thorough but gentle healing.  Her deep listening and intuitive nature lead her to find any aspect of the body, mind and spirit that might be out of balance and lovingly return it to stability and health.  After a session with Karen, I feel lighter, with more freedom and equilibrium on every level.  Plus, her honesty and humor always bring a smile to my face as we work. :) I highly recommend sessions with Karen no matter what ails you.

—Hope Fitzgerald, Healer, Founder of the Wave Energy Center

eram-saeed photoKaren Abrams is one of the most loving and effective healers I have come across. I have personally experienced great results in personal sessions with her and my listeners absolutely love her each time we have her on.

—Eram Saeed, Host of Global Tele-summit series From Heartache To Joy

Karen is an amazingly  intuitive Theta Healer. Combine this with her engaging capacity to carry the audience to a new level of awareness and the result is a powerful speaker that has the power to effect change on a large scale. I highly recommend her!

—John Burgos, Host, Beyond The Ordinary

MarianaKaren is a talented Theta Healing Master with an enormous heart! She can smooth out the rumpled feathers of any situation with her masterful craft. Her genuine integrity and unflappable confidence make anyone in her presence feel safe to allow themselves to receive her powerful gifts. She is the Best of the Best!

—Mari Cooper, Founder Aha! Moments International, Host of The Aha! Moments Radio Show, Author, The Aha Factor: The Intuitive Guide to Get What You Desire

Prior to Karen’s conversation on my show, I had a private session with Karen.  It was truly amazing how she tapped into an issue–my father’s passing when I was quite young– that I thought I had pretty much resolved.  She had no knowledge of my life and told me that since that shocking event, I’ve been experiencing PTSD of various levels my whole life.  That made total sense to me.  The theta healing that she did left me feeling much lighter and more at peace.  Now I’m aware that some areas of my life are subtly changing, and I feel that these wonderful changes/feelings are a direct result of that single session with her.  Karen is so compassionate, extremely intuitive and a potent, gifted healer.  I so very much appreciate her contribution to my life.

—Judy Anderson, CEO, Founder and Host, Jazz Up Your Life with Judy: Breakthrough to Your Greatest Health, Wealth & Happiness

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me ‘Make a shift’ in my life!  I already see it in my joJust wanted to say thank you for helping me ‘Make a shift’ in my life!  I already see it in my job- a 400% increase in sales for last week!  This was a company first to ever achieve that many referrals in one week. -Mike H., Salesb- a 400% increase in sales for last week!  This was a company first to ever achieve that many referrals in one week.  Even after the company’s 30 plus years in the business.  Again, Thank you! I truly believe this is a Divine Gift!

—Mike H., Sales

Video Testimonial:

Karen Abrams is the real deal, a wonderful person both deep and funny, and an exceptional healer.  She will rock your world – in the best way. She is a Master Theta gem!

—Debbi Dachinger, Goal Achievement Expert, Syndicated, Award-Winning Host of “Dare to Dream,” Bestselling Author

I am an artist who used to live from paycheck to paycheck until I began to work with Karen Abrams. After a few sessions, she was able to help me let go of my fear of poverty and now money flows into my life with ease. It’s such a relief!

—Amy S., Freelance Writer”

Just wanted to tell you some good news.  I booked a TV gig on a new ..series   My first big network job. I always have miracles after seeing you. Thank you for all you do for me and others!

—C. R. Crotty, Actor

Since my private sessions with Karen, I feel so much more secure, confident and at peace, so much happier and even find I am looking at myself in the mirror and marveling at how beautiful my body is, something that would have been unimaginable before.  I also feel much more connected to my own inner guidance…and all this in just 3 weeks!

…I can’t recommend all of Karen’s work and private sessions highly enough.  She is the most amazing, lovely, down-to-earth person and a truly wonderful gift to the world.

—Jo Kennett, Australia

This is my first Theta Healing and I did not know what to expect…I could not believe that I could feel such a change of releasing such negative and heavy energy so fast.  I feel so light and can feel myself living in the moment and it feels so nice.

—Linda G., Sales Representative

I tested positive for colon cancer on a Friday. On Sunday I had a Theta session with Karen. The following day I had a colonoscopy and it was clear.  I am so grateful to Karen for her help on my healing journey.

—Gary G., Teacher

Video Testimonial:


I have never experienced such clean and clear healing. This work gets straight to your core. It enables you to heal easily, gently, and gracefully.

—R. Tepper, Founder Santa Monica Center of Healing Arts

My first session with her was absolutely amazing. We worked on my inability to create healthy, reciprocating loving relationships. When the session was over, I saw myself in the mirror. I looked 10 years younger and felt like I could climb Mount Everest! Light was pouring out of my eyes. A few days later I met my life-partner. I’m in the most amazing relationship with a most amazing person. I highly recommend to anyone who has never done this work to try it and specifically to go to Karen. She’s just wonderful.

—Gerardo R. Cantu, MA Spiritual Psychology

After a session with Karen Abrams I feel like a layer of heaviness has been peeled from my body.

—Vivian Eisenstadt, Physical Therapist

What took years to release in therapy became cleared in a few minutes; chronic life themes resolved in a few short months. As a result, long-term dreams are being realized and new, exciting interests are coming into view. The realm of the impossible has become actual.

—R. Murphy, Acupuncturist

I knew nothing about Theta Healing and I went with a skeptical but open mind. I was blown away!! I have attended many workshops, healing sessions, guru enlightenments, etc. but this was the most profound, almost instantaneous, shift I have ever experienced. I am still resonating with the wonderful energy and newfound openness I experienced. There has been an amazing shift in my personal life and a sense of relaxed wholeness I can only invite you to experience. Karen is kind, extremely empathetic, and possesses the magic of a true healer. I know you will benefit from what she offers.

—J. Petrie, Teacher

Video Testimonial:

I had an aching pain in my lower back that had been nagging me for days. One session with Karen helped the pain to finally subside and I felt free! Through her gentle healing technique and powerful intuition, she has the unique ability to remove blockages, provide clarity, and shift you to a more healthy state of being.

—Dina Weinberg, Professional Speaker and Trainer

Theta healing has been a phenomenal experience for me. It has enlightened all aspects of my life, by providing a clear, and positive frame of reference for me to make my everyday life decisions with. Moreover, it has helped me deal with and overcome the issues from throughout my lifetime and beyond. All in all, this experience can only be described as a breath of fresh air and a shedding of enormous weight off of my mind, body and soul. Thank you Karen!

—Sharon K., Real Estate Developer

I felt so enveloped in love during my healing session with Karen. She really took time to connect with me and get to the bottom of my concerns before starting her healing. Since then, I’ve felt a deeper connection with the Divine . . . my lower back pain has gone . . . emotional issues process and clear as soon as they come up . . . The way Karen practices it, Theta healing is good for anything that ails you! Thank you, Karen. You are a gift from God.

—Moira Shepard, Executive Producer/Host Midlife Miracle

My life was enriched during the weekend seminar, and continues to become lighter and more joyous with the skills I have learned. It is a joy to let go of the stuff that doesn’t work.

—B. Rubins, Business Owner

I have worked with many energy healers, but I continue to work with Karen on a regular basis because she consistently shows powerful insight into the underlying causes of what is really going on in my life. She is a gifted intuitive, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to do Theta Healing with Karen, and plan to do many more in the future.

—Brent Phillips, Theta Healer

I highly recommend Karen Abrams as a Theta Healer. Every single time I have experienced relief as a direct result of her work. She has helped me immensely with becoming a better human being and living up to my full potential.

—Steve Parker, Theta Healer and Businessman

I broke through fears in my first Theta session with Karen that I had held onto through five years of traditional therapy. After an hour’s journey with Karen, I feel lighter and more grounded and hopeful about my future. Her genuine caring for her clients, her empathy, and her humor will make you feel you have a comforting friend with you even when you’re visiting a scary place. And I can vouch that the phone sessions really do work!


I have to admit I was skeptical at first about how much Theta Healing could help me. I finally have an appetite, could sleep for several hours in a row without waking, and found myself laughing out loud with my kids yesterday. Thanks again for the life changing events you provide to people free of charge. May God bless you over abundantly!

—Robin F.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the session. There has been tremendous shifts and subtle shifts and I am feeling great!

—Susan H., Writer

A friend referred me to Karen when I was going through a major emotional and spiritual awakening. In just a few sessions with Karen, I dramatically accelerated my journey from self-defeatism to self-realization – from an awareness of my impediments to crystallizing their drivers, from a nagging fear I wasn’t living my purpose to embracing and working from my seat of power. And I learned how to best guide myself. A damp fog has lifted; I now shine my light. Karen’s is intuition far beyond mine, and I am forever grateful to be given access to it.

—Kati S., Business owner and author

Hey Karen! I wanted to let you know I booked a small co-star on a tv show… I’ve been trying for years! Just wanted to let you know.

—L.H., Actor

Karen thanks so much, it’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve felt so safe to share what was inside, and not feel judged, or afraid, thank you with all my heart for creating such a sacred safe space for my heart to open. Blessings to you.

—Gloria  A., Entrepreneur, Artist, Host

My Theta session helped me to replace gloom and doom with peace and love. Thank you!

—Maria G., Medical Office Administrator

I am in such awe of the potency and efficiency of a session with Karen and Theta Healing.  Karen is amazingly intuitive and insightful and has laser focus when it comes to identifying and clearing energy blockages.  She helped me make huge strides in a major life overhaul at a critical juncture of my transition.  I feel optimistic, encouraged, and strengthened after every session.

-Monica K., Business consultant

After one short session, I felt lighter and the pain in my stomach stopped.  I appreciated Karen’s compassion and her exceptional ability to understand me and read between the lines.  I have hope again, and am really looking forward to our next session.

—Carla H.

Chronic spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis caused suffering from the time I was 6. After just three short sessions with Karen, I feel lighter, with more clarity and a remarkable decrease in pain. Thank you!

—Cathy M.

My synchronicities have sped up and I don’t seem to feel the strong negative feelings for my Ex as before- despite a horrific divorce experience.

—Suzanne E.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the knowledge, power and freedom I gained in our Session yesterday. …It feels like the weight of the World has been lifted off of me and I am free to elevate!

Thank you so much for your love and light in this World. I appreciate you!


Thank you for the truly amazing session… I’m feeling so much better, calmer more grounded, confident… Words just aren’t sufficient!

—Helen M.

The main change I have noticed that my behavior towards my family members has changed. I stand up for myself more than before!


Just wanted to drop you a quick email and say I am feeling really good!…can’t put my finger on what it is, but I haven’t felt this good before.


After our time together I ended up booking the job.

—M.E., Actor

Theta Healing with Karen Abrams has absolutely CHANGED MY healing negative thinking patterns and grief that was holding me back..Karen Abrams is truly a gift from God…I am forever grateful…

—G.A., Actor, Designer, Business Owner

The other night I entered our time together in a deeply depleted state having suffered spiking fevers over the previous two days.  Immediately after our session I felt incredibly lifted both emotionally and physically.  Thank you very much.

—Jim S.

I wanted to say THANK YOU! Not only for this great session (like always), but also for understanding me so well & all this complex situations and energies, for supporting me so wonderful and for believing in me.


I am SURE that the LONG DISTANCE HEALING you sent me has worked. I have had no more trouble with walking. I am back to NORMAL so to speak and NO PAIN anywhere. Thanks a million, with MUCH LOVE


It is the love that you exude that is so wonderful. The world needs this desperately. May you be richly blessed Karen.


During the summer of 2013, you did a Theta Healing session with me on a call-in radio program… My issue was that I wasn’t getting along with my husband and wasn’t sure I even wanted to stay with him…In our brief session you addressed some underlying issues and felt that my husband and I would be able to come back together harmoniously. You asked me to please let you know how things went afterwards.

My husband returned (home) last summer and our time apart had given us opportunities to heal and grow spiritually as individuals. Our reunion has been delightful and we’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage next month!  I often think of that healing session with you and the amazing results from it. Deep down in my heart I always wanted my family to stay together, there were just some things that needed to heal…I believe in the power of Theta Healing and know that it can help propel me into even deeper joy, abundance and peace.

—Susan M.