Do you have an issue or circumstance you’d like to resolve in your life? Whether it is a single issue or lifelong theme, sessions with Karen are the perfect answer.

Karen compassionately connects with you in a fluid process, and discovers the root of the issues you are struggling with so you can finally and permanently break free from them! You’ll be amazed at the way she can understand your personal circumstances and provide life altering insight and intuition.

 “Time and time again things that were bogging me down are just gone.”

 – Patrick

Caring and gentle, sessions provide you with clarity about what to do next and empower you to move forward with grace and ease.

Clients typically schedule sessions with Karen to:

  • Heal grief
  • Lift burdens
  • Expand cash flow
  • Reconcile old wounds
  • Create career path clarity
  • Relieve chronic health issues
  • Attract new, healthy relationships
  • Resolve longstanding family issues
  • Reconnect with artistic inspiration
  • Ease difficult transitions such as adolescence, mid-life crises, or divorce
  • Address relationship issues for couples, such as overcoming difficult/painful dynamics, improving communication, breaking bad habits, embracing forgiveness, and erasing resentment

In your session, there is likely to be a bit of talking about the issue and in general, you can just sit back and let Karen shift the resistance to bring you into a natural state of balance and calm.

You may feel the energy moving or you may not. It doesn’t matter. The important part is what you’ll experience in the hours and days afterwards which is an opening for effective resolution of stressful situations and lifelong patterns.

A regular schedule of one on one sessions is an invaluable support system that opens the door to a more consistent higher vibration. By providing a structure to resolve upsets, consistent appointments support moving from a life of surviving to thriving.

“I have cleared the chronic pain in my hip that I have had for almost 25 years and released deep sadness and anger… I was awestruck by the ease and speed in which Theta Healing worked.”

—K. Gara, Reiki Master Teacher

“I have cleared more in half an hour with you than I had done prior in years of therapy.  You helped me make huge strides in a major life overhaul at a critical juncture of my transition.  I feel optimistic, encouraged, and strengthened after each of our sessions. Thank you.”

—Monica K., Business Consultant

30 minute session at $87.50

60 minute at $175

After you purchase your session Karen will email you to schedule a time. If you’d like support booking a session email Karen or call her at (310)738-3858.