Healing Circles

Healing Circles help you magnify the power of group intention so you can heal your own issues quickly and powerfully.

The “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” Healing Circle ran from June 21 through August 23, 2017. The class may be over, but you can still buy and download MP3s of each session. Learn More or listen to the Free First Class Now.
Gather with our community as we:
  • Manifest good fortune with greater accuracy and power
  • Expand your ability to receive love and support
  • Enhance your confidence in decision making
  • Gain lasting relief from lifelong burdens
  • Resolve money issues and build wealth
  • Attract healthy romantic relationships
  • Let go of grief and disappointment
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Heal painful relationships
  • Expand your intuition
  • Improve your health
  • Build self esteem

HEALING CIRCLES are a safe container for people to gather and contribute to one another. By bringing your desire to heal and simply showing up you will enhance the results for yourself and others.

Life can sometimes feel like we are isolated and alone and the truth is that we are always interconnected. Healing Circles tap into group, individual and seasonal dynamics to provide timely healing for the things that matter most to you.

What if you were able to embrace the issues that come up in your life as being at just the ‘right’ time? What if your individual triggers were just what another person needed to hear to access insight and freedom?

Your personal intention has it’s own power and sets you off in the right direction. When you access the group intention to heal, it magnifies the results.

Experience the power and support that a community brings to your own personal healing by joining our healing circles.

What You’ll Get:
  • 4 sessions with over 5 hours of Theta Healing™
  • Recordings of the live calls
  • Bonus Meditations to support you between classes
  • Your wishes and desires woven into the curriculum
  • Direct Access at a low cost
  • Access to 2-30 minute private sessions at a reduced price

Life can be easy. The key is support, connection and community.

Join our Healing Circles.

“Karen Abrams’ Healing Circles are the most intimate, eye opening and gratifying healing experiences I’ve ever had. Karen covers and explores so many unconscious beliefs that I’d never think to address. These group healings never cease to amaze me!” – Ryan M (Miami, Fl)

“Karen hits on so many brilliant, hidden issues. In clearing them, a few more deeply held issues come to the surface to be healed with ease. Thank you for an awesome process that is making a HUGE difference in my life!” – M.S. (Los Angeles, CA)

How it Works:
  • Every session begins with a free 45 minute class open to everyone
    who registers for it. (A great opportunity to gift a friend a great experience.)
  • Three additional 90-minute sessions follow with one every 2-3 weeks.
  • You will be given the opportunity to receive live healing on your specific issues
  • You will be emailed a recording of each session, the day after the live call.
  • Returning members are offered a discount for series after the first one as a thank you for being part of our healing community.

Healing Circles are perfect for those determined to have a better life and want an easy way to work on themselves.

  • Access infinite resources to support manifestation!
  • Tap into clarity to make choices with confidence
  • Overcome struggles with personal circumstances
  • Re-energize from the love, support, and healing that comes from gathering in community
  • Give others the best version of yourself by being your own top priority
  • Experience Theta Healing™ in the comfort of your own home without the cost of private sessions.

Current Healing Circle
“Closer: More Healthy Intimacy”

There is so much to cover about relationships, that Karen couldn’t get it all done in one healing circle.  So begins the “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” Healing Circle, a continuation of the previous “Healthy Intimacy” conversation. Whether you participated in the previous series or not, “Closer” will lift burdens of past neglect, rejection, and disappointment to bring about a new sense of self that emanates with love and acceptance.  From there, it becomes easier to express who you really are both personally and professionally.

Attract new healthy intimate relationships or enhance the closeness you have with your romantic partner now. Strengthen your friendships and family bonds. Open up a new energetic flow of financial abundance while building strong business relationships with respect and integrity.  “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle” will reinvigorate your intrinsic power to actualize what you truly deserve.

About this Program

The Closer: More Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle will help you manifest:

  • Healthy Romance
  • Self Love
  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Body Esteem
  • Self Compassion
  • Financial Abundance


  • Changing bad habits that push others away
  • Overcoming fears that keep you from moving forward
  • Trusting your intuition to make the right choices
  • Releasing resentments and frustration from powerful relationships
  • Attracting love and support into your life
  • Healing past abuse and neglect from your history
  • Tapping into your true worthiness
  • Converting group support into healthy collaboration
Class Dates/Times
  • June 21, 2017, 7:00 to 7:45pm PT (Class 1 – Free) Listen Now to Class 1 for Free!
  • July 5, 2017, 7:00 to 8:30pm PT (Class 2)
  • July 19, 2017 – Bonus “Evening Meditation” MP3 sent by email
  • August 9, 7:00 to 8:30pm PT (Class 3)
  • August 23, 7:00 to 8:30pm PT (Class 4)

The live class may be over, but you can still register and pay below to receive links to MP3 recordings of each class (even the free class).

Program Cost

Normally more than 5 hours of Theta Healing™ (including the free class) would cost well over $800.00, but the Closer: Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle is only $117! . . . and there’s more!

Special Offers

COACHING BUNDLE—In addition to the group 4-part teleclass, Karen is offering two, 30-minute sessions by phone for participants who want to go deeper into their personal healing. Cost will be $247 for the two private sessions, the three paid classes, the free first class, and the bonus mp3.

THANK YOU DISCOUNT—If you participated in Karen’s “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle,” be sure to use the special Participant Code (sent by email to Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle participants) to access even greater savings on the paid sessions or the coaching bundle. *Use Code

HEALTHY INTIMACY BUNDLE—If you did not participate in Karen’s “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle,” but would like to join the “Closer” community AND experience Mp3 recordings of the Healthy Intimacy sessions, be sure to check out Offers #3 and #4 below for special savings.

BONUS—Link to download “Evening Meditation” MP3 sent by email.

Mp3 RECORDINGS—Paid participants receive a link to an .mp3 recording of each session, plus the bonus.

(Participants are responsible for any telephone/internet charges they incur to participate in the teleconferences or the coaching sessions.)

“…Thank you! It’s difficult to put into words the wonderful changes I am experiencing…I have felt so peaceful and more loving. I definitely have a better outlook…the doom and gloom I was experiencing before are gone and my thoughts are more clear.” (Maria G, Medical Office Administrator)

“Karen provides intelligence, heart and warmth on top of her amazing talent as an incredibly intuitive Theta Healer. Combine this with her engaging capacity to carry the audience to a new level of awareness and the result is a powerful speaker who has the power to affect change on a large scale. I look forward to Karen being a continued guest on my series. I highly recommend her!” (John Burgos, Host, Beyond The Ordinary)

“Karen Abrams is an expert practitioner who brilliantly finesses a thorough but gentle healing. Her deep listening and intuitive nature lead her to find any aspect of the body, mind, and spirit that might be out of balance and lovingly return it to stability and health. After a session with Karen, I feel lighter, with more freedom and equilibrium on every level. Plus, her honesty and humor always bring a smile to my face as we work.” (Hope Fitzgerald, Master Healer and Creator of The Infinity Wave)<

“I have never experienced such clean and clear healing. This work gets straight to your core. It enables you to heal easily, gently, and gracefully.” (R. Tepper, Founder Santa Monica Center of Healing Arts)

Register Now

Registering and paying for your sessions is easy:

  • Choose your program option below, then click on “Register” and check out at PayPal.
  • When you have completed the process, click on “Return to Karen Abrams” to load a page with the participation details for the teleclasses and/or mp3s. Be sure to save the information!
  • THANK YOU DISCOUNT: If you are a “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle” participant, click here to use your special participant code.

OFFER #1 – “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle” Group Teleconference Only – $117

OFFER #2 – “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle” Group Teleconferences + Two 30-minute Theta Healing Phone Sessions for a Special Bundled Rate of $247

OFFER #3 – For those curious about the previous “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle,” you can bundle the “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” live teleclasses plus Mp3 recordings of Healthy Intimacy for only an additional $47 (that’s a 60% DISCOUNT) for a total of just $174!

OFFER #4 – If you would like to dig deeper, you can add two-30 minute Theta Healing sessions to Offer #3 (“Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” teleclasses plus Mp3 recordings of Healthy Intimacy) for a total of $294 (a $100 SAVINGS).

Listen to HEALTHY INTIMACY Class #1 for Free

You can listen to an mp3 of the Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle “free first class” by clicking the button below.

Listen to Healthy Intimacy First Class MP3

Experience Closer: More Healthy Intimacy Class #1 for Free

If you’d like to experience the first Closer: More Healthy Intimacy session for free, you may do so by clicking the button below.

“Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” will help you manifest:

  • Healthy Romance
  • Self Love
  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Body Esteem
  • Self Compassion
  • Financial Abundance

Listen to Closer First Class MP3

Offers for “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle 2017” Participants
If you participated in Karen’s “Healthy Intimacy Healing Circle 2017” program, enter the special Participant Code that was sent to you by email to access even greater savings on the “Closer: More Healthy Intimacy” teleclasses and coaching bundle. use code
Meet Master Theta Healer KAREN ABRAMS

Master Theta Healer Karen Abrams

For more than 14 years, Karen Abrams has been a practicing Theta Healer. Karen first came to Theta Healing™ after watching a friend transform her life with it. Curious, Karen began to use Theta techniques herself, gaining immediate and lasting relief from chronic health issues that had overwhelmed her for years. She also discovered that Theta Healing™ improved her relationships and helped her achieve greater professional success.

A UCLA graduate in Psychology, Karen honed the listening and observation skills critical to Theta Healing™ through her extensive experience in the education field. For more nearly 30 years, she has worked with a broad range of clients, in diverse environments from students and professionals, actors and writers, to stay-at-home Moms and even other Theta healers.

Karen is now a Master Theta Healer, certified instructor, and Relationship Expert. She is a rising star/speaker on the international telesummit circuit in the Human Potential movement and her practice is filled with clients and healers from around the world. She offers Theta Healing™ sessions both in-person and by phone, and conducts regular classes, teleclasses, and workshops that apply Theta Healing™ to everyday life. Topics include “Finding Your Soulmate,” “Making Love Happen,” “Making Money Happen,” “Good Grief,” “Manifesting Through Transition,” “Making Great Decisions,” “Family Survival Kit,” and “Healing Your Heart for the Holidays.”

In addition to her Theta Healing™ work, Karen has developed numerous programs in stress management, confidence building, and study strategies.

Go Deeper with Theta Sessions & Coaching

Theta Sessions Coaching is a great opportunity if you want to go deeper than the Healing Circle teleconferences, or if you want to explore a specific aspect of your life requiring Karen’s personal touch and attention.

Clients typically work with Karen to:

  • Lift burdens they may not even realize they’re carrying
  • Reconcile old wounds and attract new, healthy relationships
  • Address/heal chronic health issues
  • Ease difficult transitions such as adolescence, mid-life crises, or divorce
  • Attend to relationship issues for couples, such as overcoming difficult/painful dynamics, improving communication, breaking bad habits, embracing forgiveness, and erasing resentment
  • Heal old and recent grief
  • Reinvigorate cash flow or get out of career ruts
  • Reconnect with artistic inspiration

Karen Abrams is available in-person or by phone for one-on-one sessions, couples work, or in class or group settings. Learn More

“You can’t believe the freedom I now feel to manifest the life I want now, and the inner peace this is giving me…I am so grateful to know you are still keeping a eye on me. Thank you, thank you.” (Pamela B, Acupuncturist)

“Working with Karen has jumpstarted my business again. For months and months I had no clients and now after we cleared some of my deepest issues, I have more work than I can handle! Thank you Karen, I am so grateful!” (LH, Designer)

“I am in such awe of the potency and efficiency of a session with Karen and Theta Healing. Karen is amazingly intuitive and insightful and has laser focus when it comes to identifying and clearing energy blockages. I have cleared more with her in half an hour than I had done prior in years of therapy. She is helping me make huge strides in a major life overhaul at a critical juncture of my transition.” (Monica K, Business Consultant)

“I am blown away by the magnitude of change that his settled in. And more grateful than words can say.” (C.W.)

“Purchasing a set of coaching sessions with Karen is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Her skills in either ‘peeling the onion’ of an issue, or making it disappear entirely, so that I can’t even remember what it was, are amazing. And all this while we’re having such fun! I always feel transformed after our calls. I consider Karen a real ‘find’ and a true blessing in my life.” (Natasha S, former Radio Host)