How to Get Through a Rough Patch: Coping with a Dark Night of the Soul

Everybody goes through a rough patch. And sometimes that’s an understatement. Welcome to the Dark Night of the Soul. This is a time of great transition when you have lost your current identity but have yet to create your new one. You could be going through a divorce, a loved one passed away, you lost your job or just feel like you’re stuck and don’t know how to free yourself.

In any case, this is the time when good advice is essential. Dr. Michael Beckwith, a leader in the New Thought Movement, author and founder of the Agape Church in Los Angeles, has some of the best advice I’ve heard on the subject.

He says, when you’re losing your identification and you don’t know who you’re becoming yet, ask this question:

If this experience were to last forever, what qualities would have to emerge for you to have peace of mind?

As you know, what you focus on increases in size and strength. By answering this question you now become aware of the actual qualities that will get you through this dark night rather than keep you stuck in your suffering.

There is a reason for everything we experience in our lives. We may never be privy to all of the wisdom that would keep us away from life’s challenging times, but at least we can rest assured that when they come our way, we can move through them with integrity, resilience and hope. Thank you, Dr. Beckwith.

~Karen Abrams


This post was originally posted on GodSelf University

Thoughts on How to Remain Calm Inside the Storm

Sometimes when we hit major challenges or sudden shifts we can feel alone and isolated. It’s difficult to remain calm, cool and collected. In Theta Healing, we have a way of accessing love to help us through this time.

When events occur in ways that are unexpected, what do you do? What do you say?

After the initial shock you want to step back and get some accurate information about what really happened and act accordingly.  The more we know and feel that we are connected to All There Is, the more the answers flow in with grace and ease as we are able to move through this time and get on with living in our highest and best.

When facing conflict, step back, access the love in the universe, and let the solution flow in.

How Not to Care What People Think of You

The path of loving yourself leads to trusting your own opinion.

What people think about you can greatly affect the relationship you have with someone. It can govern the way you perceive the person as well as how you act around him or her. And most of all, it confines the space in which this relationship exists, disallowing it to become anything other than what it is at this moment.

The key to caring less about being judged by others is self-confidence and self-acceptance. But how do you get there?

In Theta, you can free yourself from being shackled to others’ opinions of you or anyone else. This comes from learning who you truly are from God’s perspective and loving yourself unconditionally from the inside out. These two bits of information redirect the way you make decisions and who you allow to come into your life. Better decisions bring better choices, and better choices bring in better opportunities to lift yourself to a whole new level.