How to Get Through a Rough Patch: Coping with a Dark Night of the Soul

Everybody goes through a rough patch. And sometimes that’s an understatement. Welcome to the Dark Night of the Soul. This is a time of great transition when you have lost your current identity but have yet to create your new one. You could be going through a divorce, a loved one passed away, you lost your job or just feel like you’re stuck and don’t know how to free yourself.

In any case, this is the time when good advice is essential. Dr. Michael Beckwith, a leader in the New Thought Movement, author and founder of the Agape Church in Los Angeles, has some of the best advice I’ve heard on the subject.

He says, when you’re losing your identification and you don’t know who you’re becoming yet, ask this question:

If this experience were to last forever, what qualities would have to emerge for you to have peace of mind?

As you know, what you focus on increases in size and strength. By answering this question you now become aware of the actual qualities that will get you through this dark night rather than keep you stuck in your suffering.

There is a reason for everything we experience in our lives. We may never be privy to all of the wisdom that would keep us away from life’s challenging times, but at least we can rest assured that when they come our way, we can move through them with integrity, resilience and hope. Thank you, Dr. Beckwith.

~Karen Abrams


This post was originally posted on GodSelf University

Questions to Ask Yourself About How to Find Love

Most of us don’t realize that finding love is really about allowing ourselves to be open to love finding us. We often believe things and act on them in ways that prevent our soulmates from revealing themselves to us.

So ask yourself:

  • What’s holding me back from creating a loving relationship in my life now?
  • What are the unhealthy beliefs about love, relationships and family I hold onto?
  • What ways do I sabotage my love life?

Theta Healing teaches us how to heal the beliefs that are holding us back and bring our most compatible romantic soulmates into our lives.

We offer many sessions and classes on using Theta Healing to make love, including an entire day focused on bringing our most compatible romantic soulmates into our lives now. Created by Theta Healing founder, Vianna Stibal, this class gets to the heart of the matter and leaves you smiling when you go. Taught by Master Theta Healers Karen Abrams and Karen Ross, who look forward to helping participants find their most compatible, romantic soulmates!