Our thoughts create our lives.

Accessing Theta Brain Waves reprograms subconscious beliefs, creating different thoughts and transforming results.

If you’ve had the experience of personal growth results that faded away, then you know about the importance of Theta Healing. Far too often people address symptoms rather than root causes. By reprogramming the subconscious, Theta Healing creates results that stick.

Theta Healing is a meditation that connects you to God/Source and shifts your brainwaves into the Theta State, allowing access to your subconscious, the storeroom for all beliefs, experiences, feelings, and perceptions. Thus engaged, you can energetically transform your state of mind and body into an emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy state.

When you address the issues in your life at the subconscious level, you’ll see very different results. This is why so many people are telling others about Theta Healing, a paradigm shifting healing modality.

Theta unshackles you from constricting belief systems opening the door to unlimited possibilities, harmony and unconditional love. New found positive perspectives on painful situations, relationships, and experiences lift lifelong burdens. As your body is freed from tending to this emotional weight, chronic or unhealthy physical conditions can be relieved.

Theta can help . . .

  • Overwhelm: Theta lifts burdens you may not even realize you’re carrying
  • Physical Illness: Theta addresses the root issues that keep you unhealthy
  • Emotional Imbalances:  Theta heals unresolved issues supporting you to live in the present
  • Life Transitions: Theta eases the journey by helping you make wise choices about your finances, career, marriage/divorce, or caring for an elderly loved one
  • Family Strife: Theta helps you heal the past by creating new understanding and perspective
  • Relationship Issues: Theta resolves old wounds allowing you to attract new, healthy relationships
  • Money or Career Stress: Theta expands cash flow by resolving lifelong patterns
  • Blocked Creativity: Theta unleashes your artistic inspiration allowing you to create vibrantly in all areas of your life
  • And so much more!


Theta’s Origins

Faced with the possibility of succumbing to a rare form of lymphoma and leaving three young children without a mother, Vianna Stibal was willing to try anything. She didn’t have enough money to pay for chemotherapy so she tried all the natural solutions she could find. Through trial and error and guidance from the Universe Theta Healing was born.

After witnessing the instant healing of her tumor Vianna systemized her process. By aligning brain waves in the theta state and accessing Divine energy she demonstrates how to facilitate physical, mental and emotional changes. Vianna exemplifies there is a purpose to everything that happens to us in our lives. Those who experience Theta Healing remember how to create the reality they desire.

Twenty years later, the success of Theta Healing is unmistakable with over 300,000 practitioners worldwide.