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Manifest Your Big Dreams Healing Circle: How to Create Your Best 2018

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“Theta Healing is the lightest way to let go of the heaviest things in your life!”
-Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer

Theta changes the way you think and feel so your life unfolds in powerful new ways!
Experience a simple meditation to realize who you really are so you can finally build the life you desire.

Theta Healing can help you if you are experiencing . . .

  • Overwhelm: Theta lifts burdens you may not even realize you’re carrying.
  • Physical Illness: Theta addresses the root issues that keep you unhealthy.
  • Emotional Imbalances:  Theta heals unresolved issues supporting you to live in the present.
  • Life Transitions: Theta eases the journey by helping you make wise choices about your finances, career, marriage/divorce, caring for an elderly loved one and more.
  • Family Strife: Theta helps you heal the past by creating new understanding and perspective.
  • Relationship Issues: Theta resolves old wounds allowing you to attract new, healthy relationships.
  • Money or Career Stress: Theta expands cash flow by resolving lifelong patterns.
  • Blocked Creativity: Theta unleashes your artistic inspiration allowing you to create vibrantly in all areas of your life.
  • And so much more!

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One On One Sessions

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Working with Karen has jump started my business again. For months and months I had no clients and now after we cleared some of my deepest issues, I have more work than I can handle! Thank you Karen, I am so grateful!

LH, Designer

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